Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Favorite Photos from 2010

Goats being herded near Yangon

Young residents at a children's home outside Yangon
Palaung lady with lengths of cane (rattan) harvested from an agroforest plot
Cabbage fields in the Mae Chaem district of northern Thailand
Rice planting time near Chiang Mai
A hill field of corn and taro (northern Thailand)

September hill fields of upland rice, corn and beans (Chiang Dao, northern Thailand)

Tailgating the back of a banana truck in Guwahati, India
A farmhouse surrounded by moringa trees and rice fields in Assam, India
Checking out a SRI rice field in northeast India
Roadside fruit stand in Meghalaya, India
Roof top garden in Bangkok
Cambodian farm couple
Sunflower standing watch over hill fields along Thai-Burma border
Harvested rice in a hill field in Mae Ai, northern Thailand
Nighttime in Laos

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