Monday, January 9, 2012

My Favorite Photos of 2011

ECHO Asia Seed Bank staffer, Asaeng, tending to moringa seedlings.

My favorite "beware of dog" sign in Phmon Penh.

Our boys in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

This shot was taken during the green manure/cover crop and
agroforestry post conference tour of the ECHO Asia Agriculture and
Community Development Conference in October.

High water in Chiang Mai's Worarot Market.

A front porch meal in Huai Lu Luang community in Chiang Rai.

A Garo woman in northeast India making plans to harvest her SRI rice field.

Small group sessions held during a project evaluation in northeast 

A large kitchen garden in northeast India.

Nature's stain glass:  sun rays striking the leaves of a wild palm on
Doi Suthep.

ECHO Asia Impact Center office garden; perennial vegetable 

The fairest pig of all.

Evaluating the results of the soap making session of the 2011 ECHO
Asia Tropical Agriculture Workshop.

After the ECHO East Africa Symposium in Arusha, Tanzania, my friend
Sam (a life-long resident of east Africa) took me to the Tarangire
National Park.  My photos of the amazing park residents (elephants,
giraffe, gazelle, etc.) did no justice.  However, I was just as
enamored with the landscape and flora; so different from my usual
haunts in Asia and North America.

ECHO Asia intern, Vinny Ricciaradi, leading the charge to collect wax
gourd in Pang Daeng Nawk community for seed saving purposes.

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