Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Day of Seed Saving Training by Ruth Tshin

Taking notes during our lively discussion
Putting seeds on the screen to dry after cleaning
Today we had more lively discussions as workshop attendees talked about economic barriers to sustainable practices in their communities. Kim taught the difference between annual and perennial plants, the effects of day-length on growth and details of pollination.  In the afternoon, I led a discussion about cleaning and drying seeds before our whole group pitched in to clean seeds from local tomatoes, pumpkin, ivy gourd and wax gourd.   So far, we've collected up to 15 varieties of seed to plant out at the seedbank, including  corn, bean, and pumpkin from Kayah State, and red sesbania from the Irrawaddy Delta area.
Kimberly teaching about day length and pollination
All hands on deck for the seed cleaning demonstration

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